Have Fun, Great Exercise, make new Friends

Robyn will teach you to

Line Dance

Wednesdays 6:30/Cover $7 and stay for DJ John with both couple dance and singles dancing.

Fridays or Saturdays 8:30  Lesson included in price of band admission. 


7/27-"Southside Shake"(Friday)

8/1-"Drunk On A Plane,"Bruno"s Way"-Review, and "M.O.V.E. *

8/3-"Mr. Put It down"

8/4-"I Got A Woman"

8/8-"The Wolf," "Drunk On A Plane"-Review, and "Shake It for Me" *

8/11-"Lovin You Is Fun"

8/15-"Fireball" part A, "Fireball" part B. *

8/22-"Lovin You Is Fun," "The Wolf"-Review, and "Desperado  Wrap"-partner OPTIONAL *

8/25-"Good Time"

8/29- Review of this months dances. *



                                            *  Wednesdays